The DynoFRESH Story

ChemTron, the parent company of DynoFRESH, is a manufacturer of proprietary cleaning, odor removal solutions, HVAC and other engineering products. ChemTron has been a well-respected and recognized leader for the past twenty-five years.


Recognizing their advanced technology, members of the hospitality industry approached ChemTron to develop a proactive “ready for check in” solution to odor issues. The request was simple, create an odor removal product that removes odors AND prevents future bacteria regrowth in hotel rooms. ChemTron took on the challenge and DynoFRESH, a fogger in a total release can was born.


DynoFRESH was formulated in a special fogging can because odors are embedded in all surfaces of the room. Only a special fogger could reach odors in spaces such as the ceiling, the walls, fabrics, air conditioning ducts and other hard to reach surfaces. The formula is also a preventative solution as it stops the bacteria (that creates the odors) from growing. The formula takes only 4 hours.


DynoFRESH LLC specializes in industrial strength odor removal products.