Revolutionary Product to the Market

DynoFRESH is an odor encapsulate that removes the bacteria and molecular odors like smoke and leaves the room smelling fresh and clean rather than masking the odors like all other products on the market.

Odors don’t discriminate. Odor molecules are embedded everywhere and GROW: On the walls, on the ceilings, floors, hard and soft goods. Unlike masking deodorizers and other machinery which treat only the air, the DynoFRESH odor removal fogger treats EVERY space in the room.

DynoFRESH even leaves your soft goods such as draperies, carpeting and bedding with a fresh clean smell like they just came back from the cleaners. 

When you join DynoFRESH in the Odor Free Rooms Program, you are committing to ending odor related expense and complaints. 

  • Use DynoFRESH at the first hint of lingering bad odors preventing any malodors from building up over time and becoming an expensive problem.
  • DynoFRESH fogging solution acts on contact reaching EVERY space of the room, before bad smells proliferate.
  • The process is labor free! The specially designed fogging can is total release, press the nozzle, leave the room.
  • DynoFRESH is NOT a mask or deodorizer; it is a fogging solution that eliminates odors permanently.
  • DynoFRESH attacks lingering odors embedded in your room assets and the air conditioning ducts.